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I'm known in the low-carb and weight loss world as Sugar Free Sheila.  With 15 years of low-carb under my belt, I've spent most of my free time helping those who need assistance losing weight.


See how I, your average female, took 30 pounds off my 5'2" frame back in 2001, which brought me from a size 12 to a 2 in just 5 months - then to a 0 after implementing strength training.  I've been maintaining my ideal weight via low-carb ever since.  While headshot-only and one-five-year-old photo "success stories" suffice elsewhere, you won't get that here.  Here you'll get updated photos, my full blood panel, and much more. 


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My Mission

SugarFreeSheila.com is meant to show a typical result when a low-carb lifestyle is followed properly, consistently, and for the long haul.  Photos on this website are frequently updated to serve as proof for those who suspect Atkins may be just a short-term solution, as well as provide visible evidence that my own long-term weight loss is valid.  After all, updated photos are necessary and worth the effort for me to allay the doubts of those who require continual evidence of the long-term sustainability of Atkins.  After a lifetime of inability to lose weight, if I am able to do this and keep it off, ANYONE CAN.
Since its humble beginnings as an AOL Hometown page back in late 2001, SugarFreeSheila.com continues to offer what I wish I had available to me in my former struggles with weight:  recipes, tips, support, encouragement, and straight talk from someone relatable whenever I needed it.  Also, feeling great doesn't start and end with weight loss either - which is why I rounded out the site by including a Motivation & Beauty Tips page.
I'm happy to dispel all the crazy myths regarding Atkins - such as that persistent (and unfounded) "no-carb" assertion and the notion that it is a "high-protein" diet.  The fact is, plenty of veggies and low-glycemic fruits are eaten on this program, as Atkins is not a high-protein way of eating, but a low-carbohydrate one.  See, I saw that little lightbulb go over your head!  I've been there.  Ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself.  You'll read about this and so much more in my About Me (with full stats and photos) and FAQ pages.  In fact, everything you could even think to ask about my success story and maintenance is in that FAQ, too.  I've been adding to it since the first iPod hit the market - gasp, that's right!
So if you're new here, let's get started with my FAQ, shall we?  That's step one.
Mahahual, Mexico
Mahahual, Mexico: See that pic on the right? That's me spotting some guy in the distance videoing me pose for these photos. Had to keep the shot!
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"Thank you for your website. This is it. This is what I've been looking for! I want to change the way I eat, forever. I know exactly what you meant when you say that pasta and bread made you feel bloated. I used to go to bed miserable every night feeling like my stomach was so full and uncomfortable. I had heartburn, headaches, and stiffness in my neck. Not anymore! Thank you so much for offering all of this inspiration, information, and motivation! I would have chosen another route if it weren't for you and your website and I know I would not have achieved these results."
Janet M. from Charlottesville, VA


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